16 September 2007

13 September 2007

05 September 2007

double bonus

Nice Guy Mark!

04 September 2007

dark matters

real snippets of live conversations from the web, at the yerba buena art center.

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oh this, this is an interactive map with annotations and placemarks of where i have been and am going. you can add photos and video too.. maybe later.
i was just trying to get directions to some places and found it.

03 September 2007

from back east

This guy sweats dj stereofaith.


yes! look who i found in SF!

The tamale lady!


Adams Roof


Smoke break

Public garden


Adam! yum!

coffee shop

there was a line out the door this morning.

02 September 2007

King Arthur.

Ching's Robot. Announces and reads email. Reports the weather and time. Does Tai Chi.


I ate here in 2002. Ching hates it.


Sunday Night w Ching.

Apple Soda

and Ching at the Taqueira Cancun. maybe the best taco ever, but the worst quesadilla evar..

Walking in the Mission

01 September 2007

Watermelon House

Washington DC.