30 October 2005

fight club blagden alley saturday crazy.

1. the APES> my new favorite band
2. reflecting: need to craft the graceful acceptance / response. something like: oh thanks for calling. best of luck to you, i'm sure you will be very busy & successful. if you have any tips or advice for me in the future that would be great, if you think of anything you think would be useful for me in regards to my book, or my interview demeanor, i would really appreciate your thoughts. i was well impressed with the way you run your shop. good luck to you. please keep me in mind if you hear of anything that you think might be a good fit for me.
3. crazy conversation on the phone tonight. was priviledged with some very serious very private information. i really respect that. i feel lucky to be trusted so much by a friend. i hope i can be a supportive reassuring friend for a long time to come.

29 October 2005

what's your favorrite piece

that's a question that i need a better answer to.

24 October 2005

percocet and flexeril

they're not working. they just make me sleeeeepy. I could go watch law and order right now. But I feel like a dork sitting in front of the tv so much. boooring.
anyways, my upper back is f-ed. I was cleaning my room yesterday, sunday morning, waiting to go to the play hunting exhibit, and a good song came on and I just jumped around dancing and I was done for. Low mobility and shooting pains. Debilitating.
I was going to work on some trains layouts, and I have so much work to do in my room, but I just can't do anything feeling like this. I am afraid I am sitting incorrectly the whole time. I should probably just drug up and go back to sleep. So boring. I profile wont even be able to sleep anyways.

mom just called and I was feeling too lazy to hold the phone up.
so sad. so much achey pain.
I guess it is better than yesterday...
glad pr took me to the er. if I still feel like this today with all those drugs who knows what I would feel like with out them. i've had ice and heat and ice and heat. endless. and still it hurts. the scariest part is being incapacitated. like I can't get anything done. can't imagine what it would be like to have a permanent injury like this..
now pr is gone for a week. travelling cross country with rory and tyler. that is going to rock, i wish i could go. i ownder if they would have the farting contest if i was with them...

21 October 2005


my boyfriend is the f*ing greatest. period.