22 February 2009

20 February 2009

Greed control

Zoom in and read this one.
love this guy.

*Was also a treat to see john foster, looking forward to seeing the
sad croc spin records at sollys on Monday.

SHTE-fawn BOOKer

Stephan Bucher was simply wonderful at ADCMW last night. So funny and
inspiring. I have zillions of notes and ideas, I really enjoyed this
talk and hope one day you all get the opportunity to chat with this
gregarious german.

I think I've deduced that we was born in 1977, which is funny because
he confessed to comparing his work with that of those he admires and
comparing the age they were when they completed it to what he'd
accomplished by that age.

I'm borrowing his neuroses. He's a year younger than me...