27 August 2005


saw Jenny's new movie last night. was fantastic. it was kinda like hanging out with her. there were many batting cage scenes where she got her aggression out an whatnot - i'm going to the batting cage now. it really just looked like fun. and it's only a dollar for 16 balls. stoked. i think lisa's coming.

hp tv spot.

love the current HP Mobile Technolgy commercials. they employ a cute little camera trick when the actor holds a white picture border/frame in front of an area of the screen and there is motion all around, but the framed area freezes and becomes a still photograph. now this is great -- i think they or kodak were doing it to advertise didgtial cameras and printers earlier this year -- but hp's new branding and identity devices are fantastic. the colors relay the printing and the delivery - the lines and plus signs are standouts because they are modern but sortof 80's also. there was some very lubalin-esque headline type used - same rainbow / primary printing colors palatte on a field of black, set at a diagonal. it was very unboring for HP. I think HP has always had it together, they set some styles and standards that became popularized, and now they are changing it up again, and its looking good. very good.

08 August 2005


senior designer | national media inc | Alexandria, VA
February 2002 – Present
design for print, web, television advertising, marketing collateral, books, display & event materials, stationery & identity systems. worked for established fortune 500 clients, down to new business launches and independent candidates. presentation graphics, in-house support, assisting photo shoots. manage department freelancers, interns, project flow, timekeeping and some billing.

junior designer | modem media, london |
February 2000 – June 2001
internet advertising campaigns. web banner designs, from concept to production, interstitial web page
design and production, interactive tools, GUI design. experience with information architecture, and
logical information design.

freelance designer | Alexandria, VA
event flyers & collateral, set design, brochure, packaging.

admin | Northern Virginia Temporaries| Alexandria, VA
August 1999 – December 1999
various administrative / executive office duties.

intern | Taylor Weirup Advertising |
May 1999 - August 1999

education |
Maryland Institute College of Art | 2004
CE Advanced Concept & Design,
Typography Independent Study

Virginia Commonwealth University | 1999
BS Mass Communications, Advertising

01 August 2005


More than 3 billion human beings on this planet right now live on less than $2 a day.