27 September 2005


everytime i see new e-mail in my inbox i bite my lip and get a curly stomach. this is so cathartic and so exciting! no matter what happens - its the whole process - I need to do this!

14 September 2005


i think last night - i had dreams. 1. someone got fired from work,
amidst drama and tension. 2. some boy at the donut shop needed a place
to stay and the second time i saw him i offered him the other couch at
my parents. 3. pell was home, waiting for the bus, but with headphones
in and unresponsive to my waving and greetings. so i shrugged and went
about my yard-work.


12 September 2005

semi-perm in chronological order

The Orphanage | sin city... all cgi. started 2 people, then 10, now over 100.

Insertsilence | 2 guys who lived on the same street in brookyn - but met in japan. bjork vespertine. musician.

Charlie White | his character joshua is shown fragile and ugly, how he sees himself. he lives in a world of blondes and brunettes. he has uniquie photo shooting style which results in extreme crispness of all subject. many photos layered and compiled.

Threadless/Skinnycorp | t-shirt Community dudes. 3 guys, chicago. let the community run the community! yay!

Paul Pope | comic book artist, studied manga in japan, claims to wear same clothes everyday.

Peter Sluszka | stop motion animation, layered shots, triaminic clam underwater.

End Day One

Visionaire | amazing themed magazine started in 80s all paste up, get everyone in there to help. group project, led to collaborations with TOP couture designers and artists and $175 price tag on the issue. requested that we submit a photo of "what we want most in the world" and /or "what stands in our way and keeps us from it" submit to: wish@visionaireworld.com

Chuck Anderson | TWENTY YEARS OLD. too young to drink. skipped college. got jobs by writing down the mag art directors names while sitting in borders. getting very famous very fast. likes things that look cool.

Diller Scofidio + Renfro | Architecture firm. seem to make art installations to. quality of renderings was amazing. plans & design for Boston ICA is phenomonal. moving LCD screen on outside of building in San Francisico.

Lobo | Brazilian animation firm. short films. piston pete. stressed getting corporate sponsors to sponsor your art. deisel dreams.

Fafi | french lady, pregnant, new york <3's new orleans t-shirt. sexy girls graff artist. liscened her work to snario company - dissappointed in quality of materials.

Joshua Davis | praystation, tool, 15th century artist, creative code with john maeda, programmer! v/ entertaining.

End Day Two

semi perm

chuck anderson.

semi-permanent NYC Sept 2005

seattle's bumbershoot and inkspot & then NYC's Semi-Permanent trips were so inspirational and exciting. the people there and speakers were ooozing with enthusiasm.

above is Joshua Davis. I had heard of praystation and visited it occasionally when i lived in london, but i had sortof forgotten about it, and had never known who the creator was. i wasn't up on the who's who, just trying to get my bearings back then. in anycase, now I know who he is and what he is capable of and its amazing. the 15th century painting then the transition to c0omputer program created art is what really blows me away.

i'm going to have to organize my thoughts about the 2 trips in total and make my notes here. i think i am too tired to do it right now.

tips from seattle

seattle: so much to take away from my recent journeys, but just a few thoughts/ reminders here while i am on the subject:

this is at the top of my list.

"You can do a lot more with a blog than share your opinion on your favorite indie band. Blogs, or weblogs if you prefer, have turned into a simple way for freelancers and small creative firms to post their latest work to the web. And here’s the big bonus: Since they’re incredibly easy to update, you’ll actually keep your online portfolio current.

In this informative 90-minute talk expertly delivered by CreativeTech’s Craig Swanson, we’ll actually create and post a portfolio blog as you look on and learn about: >Paid versus free blogging services >Using your blog for project management, as part of your current site, or as your complete, stand-alone site >Copywriting tips for blogs."
I'll bet if I root around this site I will find loads of other good ideas just in the course listing section. seattle was great. i saw the coolest galleries and the nicest parks. it was brisk and chilly, & i even saw iggy pop -- all i could think about was his gap commercial and what band had covered the song i recognized most. i never did remember.

commence portfolio bloggin!