28 May 2008

my house is a basement

and sometimes my nose reminds me of that.

weekend in maine was spectactular.
> SeaDogs won. 7-6. Friday night at the ballpark, straight there
from the airport, haircuts for for the oldest and youngest cloukey
ladies, donated 8 inches to cancer. fried dough, french fries, hot
dog, sodie, popcorn and a bunch of stoked kids. sweet caroline at the
end of the 8th and a hilarious victory dance in the stands at the
finale of the evening.

> saturday was for visiting tess's cozy little house of pancakes,
trim up for the not exactly perfect haircut for the mrs. c. then off
to unleashed, the self dog wash where naomi showed us her budding
photog skills and bella was the most well behaved pooch in the place,
only showering us a couple of times with a shake off. then some quick
stops at target, and the pet store and off to home for a delicious
dinner of meat loaf yum! kids love to say the don't like something
and then eat it anyways.

> sunday we went to midcoast 2 times! very holy of us. after the
morning service we went and realized jen's dream of eating Danny's
hotdogs in Burnswick/Topsham. they were weird. they were boiled.
thats all. the best part of this was the Monkey. there was a dude
with a monkey just chilling in the park. the kids were IN LOVE with
this guy. well, with the monkey. I was in the dog line while they
hung out with him, and then we all sat and ate our dogs as a clown
juggled various objects near by. this was a better-than-classic 'day
at the park'. then back to the house where naomi & i commenced
surprise dessert preparation while jen did some gardening under
orders of staying out of the kitchen. back to evening service, and
home again for a casual dinner and an impromptu happy birthday pie
party for jen's 34th. she unknowingly made the same joke dad makes
whenever we make the bing cherry pie for him.

delicious all in all.

> monday was a quick memorial day parade, candy purchase and mad mad
dash for the airport, with some begging and pleading. they we're
tough as nails those gate attendants.

monday evening was just me and the bullet. so much fun. cruising next
to dudes on harleys, bicycle riders passed me on 14th... i'm just
warming up to summer. stopping by the penthouse for a quick cerveza.

I didn't realize how late it just got.
just got home from working on ts about ago.

looking forward to friday night.