10 January 2014

Know the material, don't just prepare your list.

No matter how prepared you get before the call, you need to make sure to to get your head in the right place as well. You need to have your notes and your talking points ready to go. Know the content and the desired responses, and the reasons you are asking the questions, and know your follow up response once you've gotten your answer.

No reason for dead air after they give you your answer, you should be involved in the conversation, and ready to move on to the next topic if you are satisfied with the previous answer. Basically keep your head in the game. Avoid the distracting thoughts that might derail you. Put the content you're after first.

06 January 2014

Following the rules!

I've not got much to say, but I want to keep up the momentum. I am avoiding the urge to turn this forum into a list of all that I have accomplished today, because who aside from me would be interested in my lists?  So it's convenient that I followed up on the Stanley Fish book I learned about, and found myself listening to an interview he gave to Bob Edwards around the time his book "How to Write a Sentence; And How to Read One" came out. Wherein I was encouraged that sometime the form can or should LEAD the content. There is content everywhere, but what one must work at is the form of your language, otherwise we are surrounded by everyone's lists.

And to that matter, to practice your sentence form, start with a list. Take 5 items from the room you are sitting in, and construct a sentence from them.

And when you have practiced analyzing and creating well-crafted sentences, you will then become a better reader with more alertness and awareness and "your reading will become more sensitive and more dramatically satisfying."

This is helpful information to me because in analyzing the way I learn, I am decidedly a reader as opposed to a listener. My mind wanders when listening and I have to write notes to process the information coming in aurally, and transition it to a visual.

Stanley Fish please don't hate my sentences. In building the habit of writing, I am sacrificing the quality of said writing. Consider it practice, it will get better.
Although it has been said, 'Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect...'

To be continued.

04 January 2014

Rambling reactions on the road

In the vein of doing what I said I would do, I write today from the passenger seat of a 2006 VW Passat. Listening to NPR as usual I'm hearing a Spanish poet talking about how he was looking for a voice to come out of him.
This is the same for me.

Next we've got a reference to Cibo Mato-- right behind a Luscious Jackson, Pixies and Sebadoh reference, and today's earlier listen was all about Nirvana. Is the world -- or rather NPR -- telling me to get in touch with my younger less burdened self.

Note to self check out Against Me record and Annie Clark/ St. Vincent.

That's it for real time NPR stream of consciousness.

03 January 2014

Write More

2014 will be the year of going public once again, with my thoughts, perspectives, opinions, and perhaps recipes and rants; not just mobile phone photos.

I started a new job in late August of 2013, which has so far taught me a lot more than I had even imagined. I knew it was going to be a change, and growth of my skill set, but it has exceeded my expectations. One thing that I didn't expect, was the epic writing I would find in my inbox. From the lightest most informal of notes soliciting girl scout cookie sales--with flair and style that included references to unicorns--to deep and engaging analysis of the latest trends in interactive journalistic storytelling on the web, I have been impressed with the care, consideration and effort that my new team takes to communicate with each other and the world.

From those messages I have discovered numerous new-to-me inspirational websites, and in the rabbit hole of linking from one to the next and so on, I found the Pastry Box Project, following links from Bobulate.com, jumped over to Medium, and find that the internet is telling me what I was already thinking quietly to myself -- Write More. And so, on January 3rd, 2014 I submit my first new post, resolving to write something here, on this ancient blog I started years ago when phone-blogging was new, in just 1 to 5 minutes a day. It might be trite or unimportant, but I will write more this year. The internet is telling me to, and this exercise, even when writing silly notes and such,will serve to make me better prepared when I want or need to write something of depth and importance.

So far my only rule is 1 to 5 minutes of writing, so brace yourselves, we're going into the unknown together. With no ideas but also no limits.

And here's one last link to get you on board too.

11 June 2011

04 May 2011

Frank turner @ red palace.

Good show! Like an slightly aggressive/funtimes/drinky singalong

This wedding is going to be beautiful!

I’m getting excited for the wedding of Kate Tsouras and Joe Hornbeck! Its in Charlottesville on September 4, 2011! Invites coming soon!

31 October 2010

Cute lady

I like her!

To do:

Read this.


Tom Merkins Sellick aka Merkins P.I.