05 December 2009

If you haven't tried Ibarra hot chocolate

You are truly missing out on something special.

14 November 2009


01 November 2009

01 October 2009

AdMo line up

Mezze had a special on pom mojitos, these were not for me....

Mary J = Jess O

Ad mo day yoga

Singing bdaycard for li li

Can't touch this

Bedtime still life

Tempurpedic please

28 September 2009

my new favorite tumblr:


my new favorite we heart it:


24 September 2009

Before Sunrise

I was just recomending this to JessO and then I stumble across it in my internet meanderings:

it was meant to be.

je t'aime

28 August 2009

I used Shazam to discover Mami Gato by Martin Medeski & Wood

I used Shazam to discover Mami Gato by Martin Medeski & Wood and thought I'd share it with you.
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Erin Brophy | 571- 236-7414

07 August 2009

The settlers of catan

Game night with mom and pop

01 August 2009


Best Bday party ever Tifa!

Omg look at this party!

Hb Tifa!

16 July 2009

Gettin shrimps!


My nephew just said he thinks he looks like a mix btw his dad and
Edward Cullen... Read all four books last year in fourth grade. So

01 July 2009

Fajita night

With friends!

30 June 2009

Happy Birthday Ellen

Now clean your desk ;)

29 June 2009

11 June 2009

Sweet delivery

Work bdays are tight!

26 May 2009

Nap town

So sunny we love u.

17 May 2009

16 May 2009


In a hole!

Belga cafe

We et green eggs n fancy drinks

Happy moms day!

And welcome to my new sangria obsession.

06 May 2009

Last Saturday Night

Not only did we get to watch a cool b/w french film that the illustrious and industrious Mr Rory Sheridan edited, we got to get down pandahead style at comet ping pong, and we also got a rare and detailed look into the possessions in the purse of Mrs JJJones.

This photo essay of day in the life inside JJs purse all started with this pyramid tea bag. Upon finding this surprise, we had to know more.

The next item was a shoe!