06 January 2014

Following the rules!

I've not got much to say, but I want to keep up the momentum. I am avoiding the urge to turn this forum into a list of all that I have accomplished today, because who aside from me would be interested in my lists?  So it's convenient that I followed up on the Stanley Fish book I learned about, and found myself listening to an interview he gave to Bob Edwards around the time his book "How to Write a Sentence; And How to Read One" came out. Wherein I was encouraged that sometime the form can or should LEAD the content. There is content everywhere, but what one must work at is the form of your language, otherwise we are surrounded by everyone's lists.

And to that matter, to practice your sentence form, start with a list. Take 5 items from the room you are sitting in, and construct a sentence from them.

And when you have practiced analyzing and creating well-crafted sentences, you will then become a better reader with more alertness and awareness and "your reading will become more sensitive and more dramatically satisfying."

This is helpful information to me because in analyzing the way I learn, I am decidedly a reader as opposed to a listener. My mind wanders when listening and I have to write notes to process the information coming in aurally, and transition it to a visual.

Stanley Fish please don't hate my sentences. In building the habit of writing, I am sacrificing the quality of said writing. Consider it practice, it will get better.
Although it has been said, 'Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect...'

To be continued.

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